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  1. I am not a woman and might not completely understand how any woman feels when subjected to things you have mentioned here, but your conclusion doesn’t seem correct to me. “This goes completely counter to the patriarchal system that sees women only as the roles that they play – their relationships & their duties”. I am one of those self declared progressive, social and women-respecting individual and I believe there are many [men] like me. I also believe that gone are the days when women were required to keep themselves suppressed because the men couldn’t tolerate them having an individuality. I mean, lets face it, in these days, a man requires his wife’s salary and hence will allow her to play equal to him, if not above. Problem is men are just too aggressive and egoistic to have themselves subdued by the other sex. It translates to what you concluded but that is definitely not the motive. There are other ways to handle this ego and aggression. And I might be out of my way to suggest this, but I believe the best way to handle these emotions in men is to cradle them in a woman’s lap gently to sleep, if you know what I mean.

    1. @Vivek: So men must be cradled, pampered and pandered to, so that their aggression can be managed in a way that allows women to get what they want. That sounds dangerously like manipulation to me. I loathe it and I expect to be respected as a human being and not manipulated. Hence, to manipulate another would be hypocritical. Also, a lot of men I know complain about women not being straightforward with them. What you’re suggesting seems to indicate having the cake and eating it too – tell women that the only way they can deal with this, is indirect manipulation and then condemn them for doing it.