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  1. Eventhough I have always been mom’s favorite and mom’s my favorite parent, I would like to think my father also cared a lot for me… I do believe that moms are a lot more verbal about this because the previous generation was brought up with the “Men never show emotions” jazz… As men get more verbal about their feelings, it is going to reflect in what they do at home… As pointed out earlier, the moms being more independent in this generation has also influenced the fact that the men r doing more at home… I dont know what kind of parent I would end up being but I am certainly going to be talking a lot more with my kid(s) than my dad talked with me…

  2. Agreed. I for one think my Hubby would make a great parent- he’s already used to catering to the whims and fancies of an immature, self centered being. One more shouldn’t faze him. LOL.