Urban Domestica – Peace in Pieces

We must find our rituals of peace. We must find them in incompletion. We must create them in unpeaceful conditions. We must if we must breathe easy, sleep easy, live easy. Mine are domestic chores. There’s something about mundane domesticity that counteracts my dramatic larger than life. It grounds my fire intentions & my water ... Read More

I Will Listen

I’ve been in so many conversations. I’ve come back overflowing with so much. Wisps of other people clinging to me. They turn into dreams, into nightmares, into fantasies, into nagging nameless worries. Then someone says hello and they pass. I started to worry about losing myself in you, in them, in each person I spoke ... Read More

Silent Gods – A Political Poem

This poem was written to the prompt ‘भारत भाग्य विधाता चुप है’ (Bharat Bhagya Vidhata chup hain).The Indian national anthem addresses the ‘Bharat Bhagya Vidhata’ (the benefactor of India’s destiny). This prompt suggests that the benefactor is silent. Trigger warnings: My poem contains other references to the national anthem & some of the political events ... Read More

Road To The Rainbow

𝗟𝗜𝗚𝗛𝗧𝗡𝗜𝗡𝗚⚡ It feels wrong to speak of rainbows. To write about them is like trying to put a net around the breeze, to attempt to scoop up sunlight in a bowl. I have seen but a handful of rainbows and even that feels incorrect to say since I’ve never grasped at them. Just a breezy ... Read More

Punks & Cheese

You are made for instant love stories,for picture-perfect odes,for sweet-scented songs,for candy smiles& dimple kisses I carry a pen dipped in bloodA shiv serves a chalkas I punk upa symmetric story& make it minewith a sweaty handprint Which is why I say nomore often than hell yes!(the only yes I say)One of those No’s was ... Read More


Little bits of crueltydrop off your wordslike ice shardsoff a glass of nimboopanithat still has a sliver or twoof lemon floating in it And I hesitate to point it out I want to pick it out of your beingBefore you taste your own sournessBefore you have to swallowyour imperfectionsAnd before the acid of itEats away a ... Read More

I Don’t Belong Here

These carefree whistlersgirls throwing hearts & bodies outto men who will let them falland men who will pick them uponly to throw them backI have been thrown away,thrown over, thrown backI don’t belong here The screaming thundersdripping rage & accusationsto fertile minds that will turn theminto gangrene & cancerThe storms passin torrents of rain & ... Read More


I want a new fairytaleFairytales are greatI want a new fairytaleFor every single day Write me a book of fairytalesThat build a universewith bricks of paper,Where love doesn’t feel like a curseRoads of words where hope doesn’t turn into vapourBring me a fairytale I haven’t heard beforeReplenish the wonder I lose, with better lore A ... Read More