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  1. This post is entirely on point, has a proper hard look at the underlying topics, echoes what I had thought at a level, and points out so many nuances I had missed. If I were still in my 20s and fanfiction phase, I would say the character in the movie is the living definition of a ‘Mary Sue with impeccable plot armor,’ but I digress.

    I appreciate such a good post, and I wish the controversy had not kept the movie alive instead of letting it die out with a whimper and join the dustbowls of history.

    1. Thank you for bringing the concept of ‘Mary Sue’ to my reckoning. It’s a perfect encapsulation of this awful character. As it turns out, looks like the controversy-marketing failed too.

  2. Good article… terrible movie and borderline bad takes on caste and religion. I guess they were trying to make everyone happy but then ended up earning the ire of all and sundry. Ultimately, it ended up with people hyping up that one scene. And finally, instead of letting a terrible movie die, the controversy kept it alive.

    1. @Kunal: So much. I haven’t heard anyone speak of it in the last two months though so I guess their controversy didn’t stir up enough interest to take the movie through.