Real Passion

The week

What a week!

she winced
Every morning waking up with a bad headache
A foul taste in her mouth and the most unpleasant feeling of all…
That the world was just the way she had left it the previous night
Improved not a whit, insurmountable problems waiting to plague her again
No respite.


The night

Evening was a haze of cigarette smoke and alcohol
Replacing the daze of screaming and insomnia
Tonight, bodies entangled
An ode to the twisted tango of her emotions all week
Yet, underneath the stupor…

Dad, how could you? Forgive me, ma, just couldn’t take it anymore so I ran away. Leave me alone!


Morning after

She thought she might’ve been able to call them moans of passion
They were after all…moans…of passion

It was just great sex, wasn’t it?

She shrugged, unhappy realization

It never is.

A night of great passion is always followed by a hangover. It felt exactly the same as every other morning this week.

9 thoughts on “Real Passion

  1. actually I cant imagine them being apart,

    Its been an assumption that men concentrate on the body, and women on the mixture of body and soul [till recently I used to think its only soul for women], but then I was reading “eleven minutes” by PC, and couple of blogs with female authors and I have to admit that I was surprised to know, there are times when women do seperate the two.
    but you know what, when it comes to “Is it really right tbing to do?”, I have my doubts.

  2. you know what somehow this topic has become to thought provoking to me, I got to talk it out with few of my female friends, and see what they think about this, but sad thing is its not a nice topic to talk to a girl about…

  3. @ Rambler: No? You might be surprised. A lot of girls are just waiting to be asked to speak. It isn’t an easy topic to discuss, I agree but with a good friend where respect and trust are assumed, it might be possible…and what’s more…quite enlightening for both people in the discussion. I’ve learnt an amazing lot from my conversations with my close guy friends.

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