So I caught up with delightful ‘D’ at Phoenix Mills a few weeks back. It was one of those rare, sunny days in this lousy weather that we’ve been having for the past 3 months. I noticed it also coincided with the harvest season (albeit on the Western calendar). My mood already upbeat at the prospect of seeing D, I decided to pull out one of my summer staples. In the pursuit of all things practical & powerful, I’d left behind the feminine world of dresses but I rediscovered it a year ago.

I bought this neon green tote at Rhysetta, Oberoi Mall on this jaunt with E. I actually wanted to buy an egg-yolk yellow one to match these sandals but E wore me down by calling me ‘a dirty fellow’. So green it was and I’m happy to say I’ve never regretted it. It’s just as eye-catching and fun but also goes well with a more feminine look, such as the one I had on that day.

This chunky geometrical blue wooden bangle from FabIndia, you’ve already seen in my boho artist avatar, in a jumble with a few other green ones. I wore it by itself and my trusty silver ring for an accessory. No surprises with the shoes. For a look such as that, it would have to be my trusty yellow Catwalk pair.

And here’s the dress in all its summer finery!

I Wear:

  • White floral print cotton dress: FabIndia ~Rs.750
  • Neon green tote: Rhysetta ~Rs.1200
  • Yellow loafers: Catwalk ~1200
  • Blue wooden bangle: FabIndia
  • Silver ring: Silver shop, Khoka market, Vileparle West

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  1. Nice… I can wear this get up in summer… I love your outfit especially the color of the bag because its not over the top and you can have that bag in summer too.

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