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The thing that makes a city interesting is the fact that there could be a surprise waiting for you at any corner. I often think I’m jaded with the proverbial ‘I’ve seen it all’ attitude to things that are supposed to catch my interest. And then I’m proven wrong.

Here’s what I spotted on a late evening in the local train. Orange transparent plastic sandals fastened on with a fat ribbon in a matching hue. How could I not stop and stare?!


Anjani, the owner of those tangy toes (I love aliterations!) works in merchandising a fashion retail business. She was also gracious enough to let me take a photograph for this blog. She isn’t a Mumbaiker (still bothered by the weather and the crowd) but she isn’t new to the city either. But in my mind she represents the colourful panorama of this city, shifting smoothly between outsider, newcomer and seasoned local.

Ooh, the sheer audacity of the design, the spunkiness of the colour..it totally made my otherwise dreary day! Notice the contrast between the shoe and the surroundings – a typical dark-and-dingy platform on a Mumbai railway station.

In fact, now I think I’ll start a section where I report interesting fashion ‘spottings’ in the city. (See an earlier sighting here!)Thank you, Anjani, for inspiration and for the colour!


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9 thoughts on “I Style! – Tangy Toes

  1. @ Cynic: I trip even when I’m barefoot!! Anjani seemed to have no such problems, however!

    @ rossoneri: They most certainly did not. Audacious for sure, but why’s that a bad thing?

  2. The expression is because they look so gaudily out of place and btw its not a bad thing.

  3. So is the ribbon attached to the peep-toes, or did she just tie it around for fashion? I think they look kinda cool – I myself made an impulsive orange buy recently

  4. @ rossoneri: Ah well, each to his (or her own). You might notice the owner of those toes has paid a visit and I’m sure she wouldn’t feel very nice about being labelled such. Personally I quite liked the shoes which is why I took the picture. But you’re entitled to your opinion and I only hope she sees it that way. Thanks for the comment!

    @ Precious: Plastic bag it was but yes, you’re right! πŸ™‚

    @ Bee: I think the ribbon was attached to the sandals. Totally cool…the colour and the design!

  5. Who says fashion is limited only till raunchy models on flashing ramps πŸ˜‰
    And yes Mumbai remains a vibrant expression of everyman’s splendor, of lively flings, of whimsical imbalances…yet so settling – like when you happen to gaze at the night skyline light streaks – out up on the Marine Drive…Isn’t it?


    As last blog post..Seven WEIRDiest Things About…Me.

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