A Perfect Sunday Luncheon

In this time of overpriced rubbish, rude staff and unpalatable servings, Irish Pub comes as a delightful change.This is my perfect Sunday afternoon lunch:

They don’t add Service Charge to the bill, which in my mind, is a sign of the classiness of the restaurant. And here’s a little touch of πŸ™‚ on the bill:

* Also served at Plain Salted.

2 thoughts on “A Perfect Sunday Luncheon

  1. As a “professional blogger”, I love the fact that you use ” πŸ˜€ ” instead of an actual word to describe the bill. So hip! πŸ™‚

    That beer looks good

  2. Just commenting to understand the positioning of your Copyright statement.
    Have your photos been lifted? Why don’t you put them below the pic?

    Anyway, a smarter way to do it is use Windows Live Writer, but I guess you may have already used it?

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