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  1. I hadn’t seen the movie till yesterday, so was no point commenting, but absolutely love Abhay Deol as Bruce Banner! Very very perfect. Salman as Iron man makes a lot of sense too, and was my original choice too. Somehow, I thnk Kareena can actually do a good ‘Black Widow’. Aamir as Cap. America, hmmm, not too sure, let me think of the alternatives! 🙂

  2. Your Choice are overall good But there is Some Change………….

    1)The Hulk/ Bruce Banner : Sunny Deol

    2)Iron Man/ Tony Stark : Amir Khan

    3)Nick Fury : Boman Irani/Anupam kher

    4)Thor : Salman khan

    5)captain America : Ranbir kapoor

    6)hawkeye : Akshay Kumar

    7)Blackwidow : priyanka Chopara

    8) Loki : Hrithik Roshan

  3. I liked all the characters suggested by you but I would prefer Imraaan Khan instead of Ranbir, and Instead of Ajay Devgan I think of Varun Dhawan. But the Choice for Black Widow you nailed it dude.
    Amazing thought 🙂

    1. @Niyati: 🙂 I ran into a lot of disagreement on Black Widow. Apparently opinions vary greatly on who gets to play the hot, tough chick.

  4. Love this so much! I agree with someone’s comment above that Priyanka Chopra would probably make a perfect Black Widow. I think Akshay Kumar could be Tony Stark or Hawkeye. Ajay Devgan could totally be Nick Fury too.

    1. @Hiral: 🙂 I guess Piggy Chops would be okay though I tend to see her more as a glam-doll than tough superheroine. Tony Stark always seemed like a firang Salman Khan to me.