Diamond material girl

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  1. @ anand: Fear of loneliness? Perhaps though that’s more a secondary-level thing. At the root of it is the fear of change, shifting status quo. Even if it is beneficial to me and my gender in the long run, it’s new and scary.

    @ La Vida Loca, Asfaq, meetu, unitechy: Thenk yew!! 😀

  2. Congrats for your financial pat-on-back award. diamonds are wonderful.
    and buying one for yourself is more wonderful.
    i wonder how many women in society spend an amount of their hard work on themselves without being guilty of it.
    i’m proud that you did.

  3. The power of being cherished and indulged……. hmm…..poor men, not enough symbols to associate this feeling with……

    Wow i wonder what exactly are you scared of…. being lonely perhaps??? Power always comes at that price. That is one price we all have to pay for even the smallest extent of power….