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  2. Hmm.. I wonder what movie my life would remind me off..
    Nothing I guess.. But there was this Alfred Hitchcock movie from 1960.. ahh, yes.. thats the one, ‘Psycho’. 🙂

  3. Ah… so thats why love for you is a four lettered word eh?

    Even I tried a new hairstyle, but it didnt work. I went bald (no fault of mine tho). That drove everyone away 🙁

    And stop referring to people as “He”. I get confused with all the “He’s” you refer to on ya blogs. U’ll be in trouble if my brain starts linking the “He’s” up! 😀

  4. No you don’t girl… you don wish it were a Karan Johar movie…

    Coz in those movies… the guy always gets what he wants..
    – he gets the crazy tomboyish cute one to hang around with
    – he gets the pretty dolled up one to marry..
    – and when she dies.. he has the tomboyish one magically-altered-to-suit-his-specification to “look after” him and his kid !!

    oh PLEASE don let life immitate a KJ movie !!

    I was slightly younger when I saw the movie.. and I still watch re-runs too.. 🙂 but the ENDING still bugs the CRAP outa me.. !!