Black and White and Red

She may have watched Gone with the Wind too many times since she only dresses in black and white. A reflection of the way she thinks. And she supposes that a penchant for red lipstick makes her friend, a close affiliate to Bozo the clown.

Bozo reasons that someone who reads Kundera and Murakami, listens to jazz and knows a Monet from a Manet must have the same beauty within that they seek without. Scarlett prefers them scrubbed, polished and glossy.

She asks,

Why do we assume that good taste equals good character?

Pat comes the reply,

But I chose you, didn’t I?

Bozo always liked cliches.

Scarlett and Bozo

2 thoughts on “Black and White and Red

  1. Red, Black and White…
    have always loved these colours…its like an entire story depicted through these shades..
    and kundera is yet another brilliant writer…
    expresses the difficult to understand emotions with such ease and beauty…u just find urself going deeper and deeper into his words…a real whirlwind of words…

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