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  1. @ Valhalla: Oog-ess watches. Oog-ess listens. Oog-ess sighs and shrugs. “Oog’ll come back, won’t he? Oog always does. Just so long as he wipes his feet outside the door.” Else, there’s always Ugg and Agg to nag. And failing all, XXF! 😉

    @ Sanjay: On my way….except, you didn’t leave your address behind…? 🙂

  2. Oog reads to keep impish mind preoccupied on the train.
    Oog no listen to ‘Nothing’s gonna change my love for you’. Oog headbang.
    Oog don’t bang on drums, Oog Headbang.
    Oog no travel. Oog walk, ride and drive.
    Oog connoisseur of midnight chai near bus stand.
    Idiot Box = God.
    Watch monitor is Oog job.
    Oog play pacman.
    Oog cook.Only Oog eat.
    Oog the man!

  3. @ St: We hope Ugg and Oog are having fun together…it keeps them out of our hair.

    @ S: 😀 Loads of fun writing it too!

    @ DC: “Life is a lemon and I want my money back” 😉

    @ Peeyush: Why, do you know someone who needs to be warned off?

  4. “how to hook a woman by snooping into her playlist’?? wow. so what are the top songs there? nothing’s gonna change my love for you, lady in red, anne’s song??