AI man woman couple Salvadore Dali

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  1. Hey I know this is an old post- I read this and was so tempted to share my experience- it was some 3-4 years back -on my summer project- I had asked a man out for dinner- and the next thing I know is I got a reputation of a female version of a pied piper- the children in this case being men……

  2. Hi…
    have never voiced a comment on this blog ever…although follow it religiously..loved ur post and am in sync with it..its so very apt!!!!am in the same boat as you,so probabaly understand better!..And am sorry to hear u wont be writing here…though dont be bogged down by negative comment ..keep ur head high and face the world…hope u and i both find ur loves in life and hope its worth it..!!coz high or no expectation ought to be cant go for anything and everything!

  3. I m too naive to give any serious comment on this. But u know what nearly everyone is chained down.

    Why do parents always decide to stay with their SONS ?
    Why do for so called courtesy(superficial) and not equality i have to offer my seat to any lady, else find all the plp staring at a sleeping,tired me?

    Why do guys need to go onsite to save enough for a marriage?(many do…believe me)

    soo many questions……….ha ha ha…
    Nice possssssssssssst !!! 🙂

  4. Idea,
    we walk similar paths, ask a lot of those questions (which might not have the answers that we are looking for) and make a choice to continue to live here, maybe our own way. I have gone through those and still am walking, just wanted to tell you that you are not the only one and you will find me around!

  5. @ FullMoonOnEarth: Thank you for the compliment of the link!

    @ Sanjay: The typical woman’s mag usually has loads of perfume and cosmetics ads, stuff on fashions, sex and love advice, horoscopes and maybe one really serious article on an issue. While they’re fun reading, hardly anyone would take them seriously. Am sorry to put you off but well, I voice the truth as I see it.

  6. Its a pity our paths never X, but dont expect me to make an effort 😉

    Have never read one, but am tempted to belive this sounds like something one would read in a womans mag.