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  1. @ Vi: LOL, we will give them an honorable mention in our next Manguide post!

    @ blr bytes: 🙂 We lurrrves your city and its people (errr…the men a little more perhaps..);-)

  2. @Idea,

    Will write a post on dating women from
    1. Maharashtra
    2. Uttar Pradesh
    3. West Bengal
    4. Gujarat
    5. Punjab
    6. Marwar
    7. Mumbai
    8. Bangalore
    9. Hyderabad
    10. Lucknow
    11. Delhi
    12. 3 from Tamil Nadu

    and some more from Shanghai, Taiwan and Denmark. However, it is never quite so easy to write about women. We men are not vile enough. But we tries.

  3. @ Daft Bug: And rightly so. We will take on each variety in a different post. Notice my title says Manguide ‘1’.

    @ thanu: See above comment.

    @ Sagnik: :-P. We thinks Nandy needs OTS (That’s one tight slap!)

  4. OK I love, love this post. A friend once realised that she had dated a Bengali guy, Punju guy, a Maharashtrian boy, an Oriya boy and a Tamil boy. Uh she was 18 at the time. And she had some of the north east to cover. I cannot waaait.

  5. Born in a small town in Bihar? Studies in Mumbai, Bangalore, Seattle etc. Works in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Bhiwani, Lucknow, Singapore, etc etc. Completely confused, at times talks, but sees no point to it all. Methinks, there are more confused varieties than the grades you mentioned.