Welcome to another episode of I Style!

It has been awhile since the last viewing and that’s because I haven’t spotted too many interesting people lately. The weather was probably playing havoc on people’s spirits and mine were flagging as well until someone decided to brighten up my day!

Richie walked past me on a grey afternoon while I was staring morosely at the watery sunlight. In his olive tee-shirt and jeans he might have been just another good-looking young man. Until my gaze drifted down to his shoes. Drifted down I say but really I ought to say, ‘snatched away by his shoes’.

Well, look at them! Don’t they grab your attention instantly? Red shoes I’ve seen, blingey sandals but what’s all that compared to a sunshine yellow on anotherwise dull day? For carrying off that daring yellow so well, for giving us something lively to look at and for brightening up my day, Riche makes it to I Style!


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8 thoughts on “I Style! – Happy Feet”
  1. My eyes… my eyes… 😎

    But then, I can’t comment really. My new shoes have put me in quite a dilemma. You see, I can’t wear them without being concious of how blindingly white they are (I can see white shoes walking towards glass doors miles before I can see any other things I am wearing), and they can’t get to a well-worn, normal color if I don’t wear them.

  2. @ Amey: I lurrrve white shoes and I hate that Mumbai makes them dirty brown in ten minutes!

    @ Sumit: We go everywhere for and with our ideas!

    @ Cynic: Hai na? Total cool insaan he was.

    @ Idling in Top Gear: Those are cool too. These just are Soopah-Kewl! πŸ˜‰

    @ Moksh Juneja: How can anyone have a mouch??!!!

    @ Brad: I liked them!

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