Ever meet someone you’ve felt inexorably drawn to? Maybe it’s the way they say your name. Or the number of times they blink. The angle they crook their head at, in thought. The pause between their words and breaths when you feel they are really looking at you, knowing you.

It’s magical. It can also be scary. Especially if they are the wrong age or wrong gender or wrong relationship status or wrong geography or wrong body type or anything other than what you think someone who can cast a spell on you, should be like.

What does a good actor or a talented artist or a brilliant writer or a magical singer do? They make us feel seen, heard, recognised & voiced. They make us experience things we have no clear names for. There are boundaries of time & space between creators and the audience. What do we do when the person sitting next to us, or a friend, or a stranger makes us feel that way? We’re quick to assign wrongness to this discomfort we feel about someone holding us spellbound, because it makes us feel vulnerable.

Consider this. This spellcasting is the magic of being human. It’s the witchcraft of intimacy, the delicate mystery that draws people to each other, the moody dance that keeps them in tandem. Every one of us is practising this magic, in our unique ways. Some of us are holding a world spellbound with our words. Some are changing lives with a single kind glance that happened to appear when it was needed the most. Some of us show up ravishing, dream-come-true to people in need of starlit hope. Some of us breathe in gentle sighs that spell rescue for those in hell’s own fires. Some of us are creating hell for people because dark magic is also a form of magic.

We cast spells by being us and most potently by not doing so consciously. We make others fall in lust, in like, in love, in passion, in rage, in despair with us, with themselves, with the world. We do this, as we get zapped by other people’s spells. We navigate the magic we feel of each other’s existence.

This is the fabric of the human experience. It is rich, it is tattered, it is ancient and it is fresh and it wraps us all. We are all spellcasters.


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6 thoughts on “Spellbound”
  1. Thanks for sharing. The aura and energy of positive and toxic hold true and we are kept in sway! I agree to that and sometimes the vulnerability that we wear prods us to push the attractions that keep coming to us.

  2. Hello, there! I’ve been reading you for a while now! And i’ve felt many emotions while at it. You’ve gone through, oh so many shades, in your life and these oh has made you smile, but left you teary! Made you feel love, yet broke you from deep within!
    I’ve felt the pain in you, more than anything and that is why i guess, you have become so mature! But after feeling you through your words, i really felt this urge to write you a few lines. If you won’t mind, may i?

    1. @srijan: I’m glad if you enjoyed reading my writing. You’re welcome to write what you want to, on your own platforms. But I don’t know you so please don’t assume a personal association with me.

      1. well, i do write what i want to on my blog, but it was never really about that. and i didn’t assume or expect. just wanted to, so i could maybe make you smile! anyway, i apologize for the same! wishing you the best! take care of yourself!

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