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  1. Hello, there! I’ve been reading you for a while now! And i’ve felt many emotions while at it. You’ve gone through, oh so many shades, in your life and these oh has made you smile, but left you teary! Made you feel love, yet broke you from deep within!
    I’ve felt the pain in you, more than anything and that is why i guess, you have become so mature! But after feeling you through your words, i really felt this urge to write you a few lines. If you won’t mind, may i?

    1. @srijan: I’m glad if you enjoyed reading my writing. You’re welcome to write what you want to, on your own platforms. But I don’t know you so please don’t assume a personal association with me.

      1. well, i do write what i want to on my blog, but it was never really about that. and i didn’t assume or expect. just wanted to, so i could maybe make you smile! anyway, i apologize for the same! wishing you the best! take care of yourself!

  2. Thanks for sharing. The aura and energy of positive and toxic hold true and we are kept in sway! I agree to that and sometimes the vulnerability that we wear prods us to push the attractions that keep coming to us.