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  1. @ Anubha: You remind me of the protagonist of ‘Ladies’ Coupe’ by Anita Nair. Have you read it? Do…it’s lovely.

    @ p@r@noid: 😀 And more power to you, independent one!

  2. I seriously going thru same, nothing troubles but the point “Your personal life and social calendar doesn’t become everyone’s personal property for value judgement – relatives, colleagues, acquaintances, neighbors, co-passangers.”
    esp friends..(For others it doesnt matter) but friends are people who i choose and they start taking your time for granted and they start expecting that when they need your are always available but when you need them…they have to look into their priorty list …this was horrible experience Infact i got so damn frustrated with this kind of treatment …I just wanted to prove being a single is boon…and decided to go on an implusive trip on my own… And believe that was a trip i enjoyed the most…..and now i believe who needs commitment….Being single is the best thing that can happen,..Freedom is all about freeing your Soul and letting it live in air ..Rather than worrying about social obligations……Thanks a lot for such nice post…..and also one more observation
    And when in office …everyone expect us to work 24/7 as we have no household responsibilities to carry…. 🙂

  3. @ Hyde: And when you do decide, let me know. I’m still wondering.

    @ Rachna, Ms.Taggart, La Vida Loca: 🙁 Gaaaaah!

    @ La Vida Loca: It happened to me on a cruise in Greece. A Belgian couple sitting next to me struck up a conversation, asked me how old I was and then shook their heads and said, “You really ought to be married by now.”!

  4. @ Ms.Taggart- I totally agree with you- I’ve also had lectures on why contraception is bad, and even MORE about Boy Kid!!

  5. u r going to love this-
    I was hanging out at a neighborhood chaat shop and the owner asked me to tell a particular young gal(someone I kinda know, about 23) to get married and settle down. It took me quite a while to recover from that shock!

    La Vida Locas last idea: An irony

  6. I agree w/ Rachna- after u are married, your biological clock becomes public property- when will you have a kid/have a boy kid?

    In my case- when will you finish school and settle down? meaning pop out a kid.

    I wont go into “why contraception(pill/patch) is bad lecture

    Since you are still a student (w/ much free time) why isn’t the house sparkling?

    Why didn’t you cook chappatis you lowly cow? You know your husband loves them. Or what you made rice/rasam or sambar again?

    The shit never ends.

    Also I notice that other ppl/aunties have problems not your spouse. Hmmmm.

    La Vida Locas last idea: An irony

  7. Hey Ideasmith,
    I couldn’t agree with you more!
    Esp the part about everybody’s business.
    I had enough heckling to last a lifetime when I was single..
    but let me tell you, it does not go away. The aunties DO have NOTHING better to do than trouble you.
    They started on me to have a kid about 2 weeks BEFORE i got married!
    Oh F$#% , IT NEVER ENDS!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Is it a coincidence that you brought this up… this weekend I was thinking whether to finally give up being single and give in to my folks’ subtle (and I really do mean subtle) pressure, or not.

    I am still undecided 😀