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  1. First point i really liked the imagery, someone crying on the staircase, we never had that liberty in our college, in first place, you can’t even sit on stairs and talk outside college hours, and it was a kind gesture to care and offer an ear to someone crying, i liked that

    Also the idea, that patriarchy makes an island out of you, i had never occured to me , it’s like you’re losing yourself, you’re not you anymore, and we all know how painful separations can be

    Third point is comforting, I always thought its only me who feels that like doesn’t make sense, life is always an unsolved jigsaw puzzle

    1. @Harshaman: Thank you so much for this. Especially ‘patriarchy makes an island of you’. That’s such a valuable truth and also a great line. I’d love to hear your experience of this and I will write something of my own as well.

  2. Lines that spoke to me

    • Back then, I was the one who initiated our friendship, when I noticed her crying on the staircase and sat down with her

    • I couldn’t have known about patriarchy eroding female bonds with the acid of spousal demands & familial restrictions

    • Life doesn’t make a lot more sense now than it did back then

    1. @Harshaman: Thank you for this. Could you articulate exactly what each of these meant to you? Did they remind you of a personal experience? Did they trigger off a thought?