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  1. Aaaah…I just jumbled the words and made a spelling error :- How come you were – with a – not’e’ – book? 😛

  2. Errr…How come you were not with a book? And the couple wrote a blog post somewhere about thin, tall girl stalking the duo. 😈

  3. Wow you notice even small detail scary. if i was that guy i was be extremely fidgety with someone checking out every small thing :).

    Was hoping for a better ending like the high-strung air of tension surrounding his being was because he noticed you checking him out . 😉

    I guess it was a business kind meeting cum date but as you didn’t take any pics on your phone we just wouldn’t know.

    Pauls last blog post..The lady and the holy cow

    1. @ Sumant: Taken care of! Thanks for the tip!

      @ Vivek khandelwal: LOL. The story ended when I walked out of the restaurant and into other stories.

      @ Paul: I don’t think it was a business meeting. It had a more social feel to it. And photographs…errm, I was already being a little intrusive as it was.

      @ Cynic: Haanji, I never thought of that!

      @ Dreamcatcher: Could be but I rather like Cynic’s explanation better. 🙂

      @ Brad: I never go anywhere without my book. This time it was a notebook. 😉