That is how old I am today.

That statement is valid for one month more.

I’m a month away from leaving twenty-five. For some reason, certain ages are of earth-shattering importance while the others are just turning numbers on the time-ticker.

16 was religion, the struggle to find meaning and Richard Bach. It certainly wasn’t sweet but it was a turning point in my life.

18 was rebellion, dejection and depression. So much for finding my wings, it was the year of the big crash and by god, what a journey there was from there…

21 was young adulthood and discovering that slender shoulders could bear heavy burdens. It was a time for surprising self-discovery…pleasant ones.

And now there is twenty-five. Let’s see what the year has been like…

I discovered blogging and found my passion….and friends….and myself.

I dated and enjoyed my crushes without agony. I even stayed friends with some of them.

I weathered the illness of loved one and suddenly realized that people who fear death aren’t necessarily thinking only of their own dying. I also understood for the first time, how interwoven human beings are through relationships and just how much difference any one person makes on everyone around him or her.

I quit a ‘prestigious’ job that was killing me for a promising one, discovered ‘dream job’ wasn’t always the stuff of dreams and walked out without another job on hand. Being able to tell the world to go to hell is an ability I thought I had lost.

I let myself be an useless slob and described myself as ‘gainfully and blissfully unemployed’. By god, it was the most wonderful experience of the whole year. Goodbye guilt, it was awful knowing you and I’m glad I managed to kick you out.

I let go of someone I’ve held on to for far too long. Letting him go was difficult enough, doing it with grace was torture. Well….I wasn’t a ballerina, but at least I kept moving.

Tried my first tequila shot…and a vodka….and beer.….boy, this stuff is something I could get used to!

Got a tattoo! Yes, my body is my own and I will mutilate it or beautify it if I so choose. Fulfiling a ‘chinna chinna aasai’ is an exhilarating feeling!!!!!

I learnt to read the tarot and I don’t care what the too-logical, wysiwyg populace thinks of me.

I found someone wonderful who will probably never become more than a friend. And I’m okay with that. Honest.

I have a new job and new colleagues, new fears, new targets, new stresses…and a new attitude.

Yes…twenty-five has been a special year.

23 thoughts on “Twenty-five

  1. i guess ut lukkha period was actually “gainfully and blissfull” 🙂 .. looks like did some woderful things there 🙂

    and tequila ! .. i really dont know if it is worth all the hype .. all my tequila shots have been the worst part of the evening :(( ..

    and a tatoo !! .. wooo .. are we going to see a photo that someday ? 😀

    god bless … love the way you look at your twentyfifth year 🙂

    P.S. I read this on sunday the 12th .. and the post says monday the 13th :-S

  2. U are rigth smithy…21 is the age when u come to know that u can shoulder reponsibilities….m getting to do some of it…something that I am and was dreading. I still feel that m ready and m not ready at the same time for it.
    I had decided to stay away from blogging but couldn’t help commenting on ur post.
    It is satisfying when the journey has pleasant discoveries.U sure had some very pleasant discoveries.

  3. Yes, I have read between the lines. I have captured the very essence of this post. I know you mean to say, “Its my Birthday one month from now! SEND ME PRESENTS!!!” 😛

    And if thats your photo up there I know what I am gonna send ya – CLOTHES! Lots of them!

  4. 25- mmm- i had a one yr old and did the Art of Living course that was a turning point in the way i saw the world and related with it. it is a sort of a plateau year when u make things happen- use it to go paragliding or trailing down a canyon that juxtaposes against the plateau… whatever- all the best!

  5. A very special year, and you’ve only scratched the surface. Take it from an old geezer like me, the foray deeper into adulthood is not always as bleak as its sometimes made out to be!
    And some birhdays are special, it would be remembered even without this …subtle… reminder ;).

  6. i’m late. but happy birthday anyway. you have good things ahead of you, i’m sure. and the new attitude works well with your whole new masterplan.

  7. Congratulations! life is about living it, and of course reflecting on how you are living it, realizing and appreciating the good and the bad things. It’s great that you are “aware” of all things, of your growth and how you came to be where you are. Not many people can do that.

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