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  1. Lines that spoke to me

    • Ones I saw through as the lies & predatory schemes

    • But this one, this one I could not see through

    • Everything from to writing mocked & dismissed as frivolous

    Perhaps disrespect is the first sign / symptom of hatred'

    • Only someone who dgaf what I wanted

    • In a culture where predation is called romance

    • I am so angry, at myself and at the world that served me this

    I think I had been at the similar junction, maybe the road to death is always wide open and path to life is very much narrow, like shortage of doctors and teachers shortage of kind people in the world

    It appears suffering is inevitable, one would suffer of loneliness if standards are high, one would suffer of mediocrity if standards are low. My sister was telling me today that better to endure crushing loneliness than to lower realistic standards

    • Massacre of my emotions