I like the way you say my name
Because you say it so very rarely
We talk so much about other people
Rarely about ourselves
And there is so much soliloquy
That the need for “I” and “you” doesn’t exist

I like to hear you say my name
Because it reminds me of this game we’re playing at
That You and Me are two separate beings
With different identities
And not aspects of the same point of view
Or perhaps even broken fragments of someone else’s imagination

I like it when you say my name
It makes me want to giggle
Because it brings that sudden, solemn moment of awareness
Of how important we’re supposed to be pretending to be
Like life is whispering a disapproving “Shush!”
While it winks and gestures to go on…but quietly.

21 thoughts on “Conversation”
  1. Would tend to agree….

    Everything is double -edged and nothing is passe..
    The ripeness of a fruit is judged by the season but the ripeness of a seed is judged by the moment…
    Everything that is surreal has a base which is as close to reality as reality itself….
    I would like to hear you spell my name…
    Not because i have echos which sound same….
    But becos i too like the game
    In those squares, beyond carefree hassless of a life so lame…..

    u know the signature, dont u????cheers

  2. The glittering eye that sparks my heart,
    The twinkling smile that touches my soul,

    And as we make love through words and names,
    She flutters her angel wings, ready to go,

    I call out to her to make her stop,
    Beckoning to the other side, my life, she whispers,”Pssst…Let’s go.”.

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