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  1. Eliza Bennet and Scarlett O’ Hara have always been my favourite characters and their ideal match in Darcy and Rhett are something that justifies the characters.

    The reason that these books have always been endearing is that they reflect the exact feeling that I would want to have for my partner. Am sure the quest is quite a tough one… and would let you know if I did find one…

    All the best to you too in finding your Equal!

  2. You know both characters you talk about I very much admired. I didnt like Scarlett O’ Hara the first time I saw teh movie..ITs hard to justify her character..but she does meet her match in Red Butler.

    But equality of minds is a relative thing. The difference is that women have stopped compromising on each and everything in marraige which was more traditional. Staying at home now is not a compromise..its a choice.. Its how it should..and it would be truly modern world when staying at home becomes a choice for men too. When roles of a person in a family is not predefined by gender.. even though biologically they are some things which cannot be switched.. But I wonder how many woman can be broadminded to let their husbands stay at home and take care of the children..forget abotu hwo many husbands might actually do it 🙂
    ok am going tangent from what you were writing about..but what the heck 🙂

  3. it is about roles, men were supposed to be providers and protectors. somewhere along the line as the man moved out of the cave, the scene changed; protectign and providign needed more brain and less brawn. the stereotype went on though… woman caught on, if the commodity in question was brain, they were just as well endowed… men however haven’t quite realized that, yet 🙂
    my take on it is simple, the lines dividing roles based on gender are now mostly in the mind. There are people of varying capabilities, it just so happens that they can be male or female. Being male by it self no longer attributes points to you( just as being a woman doesn’t).
    People find security in relationships, some find security by being pigeonholed into traditional roles, others want equality. There are plenty of people in both buckets.
    You( like a lot of women today) want equality and respect. But there are others(women) who want to be protected and take care of and be given a special status, which is not based not on equality but specialization of roles.
    The point of my discourse is: people have different needs .. elizabeth bennet wanted something that was not was not usual in her times ( she was not *usual* for her times…). Today, women who want to give up their jobs after they find a man and have him take care of her aren’t usual… traditional and modern are words to summarize these needs… and they should remain so. They are not value judgements on people. I wish intelligent and accomplished girls like you woudl not bandy these words around with such abandon. these are choices and are personal 🙂
    good luck in your quest! you shal find what you seek, if you look hard enough( and I do empathize with your quest, it is hard one).