Two women

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  2. “fascination for yellow, foul-smelling, barley-brewed alcohol…”


    I think I will delete this blog from my feed reader!

    Just joking! 🙂

  3. Hah. Men like to think that they were the only ones. Imagine what it would do to their egos if they knew that someone else had been with their girl. Someone better. Imagine the horror of it all. Heh.

  4. hahaha! that’s an awesome post! 🙂

    methinks, u shud start thinkin abt publishin a book on male/female psychology with all the cartoon strips servin as addendum…seriously, think! 😀

    let’s make that league of extraordinary ex-gfs, shall we?!

  5. From my experiences, I think guys stay away from their friends’ exes’. Not for the reasons you say, but because it gets too uncomfy otherwise 😉

    Such things can happen in sitcoms wonly…