In 2019 I wanted to create content about US race relations & its parallels in caste/religion politics in India. I knew many Indians consumed only whitewashed/uppercaste content. Reading non WhiteMale writers opened my mind to how history is shaped by the powerful, how it impacts public attitudes, personal relations & policy. So many parallels in India. I am no expert on race relations, caste politics or even Indian history. I just thought this insight would make my world more nuanced.

I am glad I didn’t. Cancel culture on social media is a gun in the hands of the uninvolved. Outrage algorithms boost destructive behaviours. Calling out someone being problematic is not the same as attacking them. Influencer hate reeks of jealousy & hatred. Ideas like toxic positivity, anger being valid & triggers are tools of self-work, not weapons against other people. Brandishing them on social media is not about doing good; it’s about getting a kick from causing harm. Rage is a dangerous thing to be callous with. You damage what you stand on.

I haven’t lost much by not doing a video. But as someone with an audience, I’m more inclined to protect myself from attack than committing to messages of value now. I prioritise my safety over insight. And that is a loss for everyone. When you say you support BLM, when you claim to be a mental health activist, when you call yourself a feminist, consider that cancel culture is attack culture. It’s violent & polices some people. So is outrage bullying. Is that what you do?

Social media is a conversation, a long needed one. It is not productive or healthy if any one entity supresses another or feels entitled to attack/vent/lash out with no consequences. Don’t treat it like a public toilet. It shows how you treat other people and yourself. YOU are responsible for what you share, tag or support. And how you do so. This is our space; keeping it clean is as much your responsibility as mine.


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