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  1. You should hear Marathi women swearing. They swear everybody down the drain, including Marathi men. And none of their swearwords are actually ‘bad’ words – it’s just the wonderful way they swear.

  2. I don’t know why, but I only feel ive cursed if i use vernaclar languages..english doesnt give one the same satisfaction….and to really learn how to swear you need to drive in my hometown…no one ever learned to swear properly untill they started driving.

  3. hhaha that was funny…reminds me of my friends who curse and ‘one particular ‘ friend who was absolutely sure i could not curse no matter what..But hey given circumstances I refrain from the normal curse attitude lest it comes out naturally infront of the kids I teach../* AHEM AHEM */

  4. Instead of hurling expletives to release negativity, attempting to speak by utilizing an enormous amount of an eclectic mixture of prepositions and esoteric dodecahedral words also tends to intimidate the opponent and aids in venting out unwanted non-positive emotions.