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  1. @ Rambler: Ditto to monogamy being most important, far more than virginity and other such rubbish. Ditto to the observation that we’re hopelessly trapped in out-moded habits and ways of thinking.

    1. i belive purity is ur inner self not in being virgin or not.

      if u see ur WIfe is virgin but has a haert full of jealousy,hatred , hurting others @ bad actions its of no use even if she is virgin.

  2. I was not aware I am this lazy, never checked this site of yours even though I pretty much read all on the idea-smithy
    I agree that virginity is not purity, but then that does not take anything away from what virginity is.
    Now is that important is totally different question.
    But somewhere down the lane when it comes to monogamy, [my version of this one is slightly different]. I guess both physically and mentally I would prefer that any day.
    BTW we have a long heritage of following something when we actually have lost the essence and reasoning for the same, the hymen is one such

  3. What an apt reiteration!
    I think purity is a far, far difficult concept/process than anatomical virginity.
    Yes the spirit and the soul, that’s it….

  4. Ok, I won’t hold you in suspense – Revirgination is an anagram for ‘A Tonier Virgin’. Ha ha ha…How striking!

  5. Re-virgination…Ha ha ha… Remind me to talk about this. Makes for good conversation piece! Ha ha ha…I can’t stop laughing!

  6. @ AnonEcon: 😀 And now we know what delights you have planned for your future wife…

    @ Ashish: It isn’t luck. I’d call it a deliberate strategy.

    @ Scorp Kitten: *IdeaSmith takes a bow* 😀

  7. Most rightly said.

    But I have a more practical question for the “intact hymen=virginity=purity” people. What do you do after the first time?

    If I were one of them, I wouldn’t have a moment’s peace except by using Shaharyar‘s methods or some more humane alternative.

  8. Ya too much hype.

    On a lighter note, I read this joke somewhere that girls should lose their “physical” virginities as soon as possible, lest they die and go to heaven. That would be their worst nightmare cos then they might have to lose it to a terrorist.

    Ya, it is in poor taste, the joke i mean, but then the whole virginity brouhaha is in poor taste, IMHO.