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  1. hmmm..the last line..ugh not something i wanted to hear…but yeah u make sense absolutely and i agree completely …hhehe ..loved the post

  2. Interesting post…

    I agree its easier to preach than what one needs to learn the most… but then staying to close to exes whether urs or ur interests’ can be nasty.

    I think that once u know a certain things (if required) then maintaining distance seems most prudent.

  3. i also suggest that you take some tips from the ex’s ex’s ex… just to make sure that the ex’s ex doesnt have any traits of lying, jealousiy and the points that they are bringing forward are rational and not to create any sort of rift…

    i also suggest that you start exponetiating the ex’s so that at any given point in time we can traverse to (ex)^ex and thus arrive at a pattern of ex’s

    okay good bye

  4. An excess of ex-es; You should have thrown in names incognito, helping the reader understand the post better! But it is perfect and tailor-made for people with a Mensa-level IQ. 🙂

    My ex-es would have a ‘no comments’ about anything to do with me 🙁 I feel bad that that I didn’t even make any dent for them to say anything! Or was I just so nice that they don’t have anything to bitch about me! I am still in touch with them and they are ‘oh so nice’ with me! :-/ Why did they break up then? Baah.

    About ex-bfs discussing their common ex-gf; I would say that most normal men are possessive about their ex-es even though their ex-gf does not give a flyin fuck about their existence!!! There, now you’ve been enlightened.

  5. Pooh: Too cynical? Well…pays to keep your wits about you, doesn’t it?

    Manasa: That may be true. But its almost too much to resist…digging out the dirty secrets, that is.

    Iyer: Problem with doing that is I end up where I started…with myself. Damn…there aren’t enough people around here :p

    Brad: Yeah, right…that would be a real case of kiss-and-tell. And ‘no comments’ just may be the best thing for you…you don’t want to think of all the things a vindictive ex can say! Also, it seems like men will only run after a woman who doesn’t pay attention to them hence before and after a relationship…makes sense?

  6. I’ll be shameless enough to admit. If a woman displays overt emotion, it’s a turnoff for me. Too much love puts me off! It’s a ‘go figure’ situation. And yeah, I was in love with my girlfriend, before she became my girlfriend and after she became my ex-girlfriend. In between, the intensity wasn’t as much! I didn’t run after her, coz’ of my don’t-care attitude; but yeah, the feelings were certainly not the strongest when we were in a ‘committed’ relationship. Hmmm.