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  1. jeez woman i didnt even know about this blog!
    well i totally agree with u here..
    its the same for me..a few close female friends on i can count on till death do us part..and a lot more guy friends whom i know i can always call up and talk bs with.

    but i find however that the men in my life are more likely to go ‘mahi DO something, dont sit on ure ass and think’
    while the girls are more likely to examine every detail under the miscroscope..and do just that.

    ahh the end..whoever matches your frequency, i suppose!–>

  2. Idea:The thoughts do provoke some questions..The female male version of freinds .. Its all about the trust and knowing that they are there no matter what..

    But again .. feelings and emotions are interpreted differently by men and women.. sometimes talking to a guy makes it a lot more simpler ..other times its the girlfriends..

    But no matter the situation.. We love em all….