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  1. Except it doesn’t explain why I invariably have a horde of guy friends and few select women friends

    That, because time didn’t allow me to take up the other aspect in our discussion.Can’t see mumbai in immediate future 🙂 so will touch a bit on that here.
    Since you like mathematics, let’s do it that way 🙂

    If A:(agressive,focussed,determined,active)
    B:(passive, creative, abstract, meditative)
    Then quantifiably, an individual would be represented by a ratio A:B Let’s call this unique ratio, “(R)i”
    Right? 🙂
    Then for two persons “1” and “2”, we can have a difference parameter
    D = |(R1 – R2)|
    ( he he, i can see some people tearing their hair right now 😉 )
    So, the deciding factor is “D”
    Now,it all depends upon whether a person
    [a] wants to acquaint with/feels more interested in people who have a greater “D” value w.r.t himself/herself.Perhaps on the lines of things-distinctively-different-catch-my-attention
    [b] wants to acquaint with/feels more comfortable with people who have a low “D” value w.r.t. him/her.You know, that more-on-the-same-wavelength thing.

    The choice between [a] and [b] , and how sharp a choice it is, will vary from person to person.As will it on the temporal lines, for a particular person under consideration.Right now you choose [a], 15 years later you might go in for [b], meaning you’ve *attained and are satisfied with* or *on digging further you realise you really don’t like* that “different” set which amused/interested you earlier.

    And whenever one chooses [a] , it might be cuz he/she yearns to changeover to the “(R)i” value of that *different* set or else cuz being surrounded, throughout time , by a set of different “(R)i” value would make one appreciate his/her uniqueness aptly.

    Which was your case, now you guess 🙂
    And if you feel a temporal change progressively taking place in your choice between [a] and [b], you might well be able to guess at which stage of this change you are and predict where eventually you’ll like to anchor down in the present situation.

    Okay, enuff of my analysis……. btw smithy dear, this time for the Humanitarian/Social elective, I’ll be going in for Psychology….. dug enuff in the Feminist Theory that semester.Pity, now the psychology department 🙂
    And for all the people who hate me for this huge comment, at least feel grateful that it wasn’t at your blog 😉

  2. Brilliant as you are, Soumabh! I admit I had to read the comment twice over to get it but its very well put. If I were you, I’d copy the whole thing and post it on your blog.

    I like the way you’ve explained the ‘opposites attract’ as well as ‘birds of a feather’ phenomena mathematically. Who says maths is dull??

  3. Idea:The thoughts do provoke some questions..The female male version of freinds .. Its all about the trust and knowing that they are there no matter what..

    But again .. feelings and emotions are interpreted differently by men and women.. sometimes talking to a guy makes it a lot more simpler ..other times its the girlfriends..

    But no matter the situation.. We love em all….

  4. i dont know why there is so much complication with the case of friends… i have good friends, both men and women… and they are a tad different…

    with one i can have tullee sessions more freely… and i have to be more careful with the other and that is the only difference i find between these two gender of friends

  5. Hmmm….. I’d thought of doing that but then didn’t.But now that you said and that i was also despo to end that rock frenzy on at my blog, i thought why not for once, dwell on the Feminism thing *in detail* on my blog finally…. had thinking of doing it since long.
    But…er…. as it has turned out, it is really not humanely possible to read that post now in one sitting.See for yourself, and get shocked at what i’ve ended up doing.Tears well up in my eyes for my blog’s readers right now 😛

  6. jeez woman i didnt even know about this blog!
    well i totally agree with u here..
    its the same for me..a few close female friends on i can count on till death do us part..and a lot more guy friends whom i know i can always call up and talk bs with.

    but i find however that the men in my life are more likely to go ‘mahi DO something, dont sit on ure ass and think’
    while the girls are more likely to examine every detail under the miscroscope..and do just that.

    ahh the end..whoever matches your frequency, i suppose!–>