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  1. women, over centuries, milleniums, eras..will remain the same, wont you? always confused, always craving for that forbidden piece of independence and at the same time always receptive to that bondage of security called marriage. perhaps men play some role in pushing them into this state. perhaps they war ’cause they want to push out of their conventional homely image that is basically their deep rooted personality as females. either ways ladies, u sure give us severe headaches.

  2. lol.. life does NOT give you all, and this is something eevryone learns over and over again, in a million different ways. Brad, n, Its highly unlikely that such a person exists..Highly highly unlikely, this is not to dissuade Ideasmithy, but well, call me cynical, but its best to expect less and then maybe, hopefully get more..

  3. susprising tho this may sound, I do have the same problem. Shall be discussed over coffee 😀
    and hang in there, maybe you’ll find a guy with whom u can be both?

  4. Unsolicited advice from a similar split-personality:
    Don’t go for a guy for who you need to play good bride. He won’t understand you.
    Wait for someone who will understand, and will know in the software of his brain that the autocorrect of “wild” is “young.”
    There are such people out there.