Secret crush

Yesterday you asked me who it was
…who was the cause for my new look
…whose attention was I trying to catch
…who was giving me dreams that made me smile

What else would you ask me if I spoke your name in reply each time?

Would you change if I said I was falling
and hoping you’d be there to catch me
as you have been these past few months?

Would you stay if I never said goodbye?
Would your words flow forever if I didn’t break the conversation this time?
Would you laugh if I told you your laughter warms my heart?
…And lights up the moment with appreciation and understanding…would it make you blush?

Would you smile secretly to yourself if I dropped you a broad hint instead?
And pretend you hadn’t heard just to hear me call your name again?

Perhaps you would…or maybe you won’t.
I sense you would want to anyway.
So I won’t say a thing.

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