Just Chemistry

Attraction is purely chemical; a combination of various hormones produced by our bodies and reacting to each other. This is abundant. If we could find a way to power engines with the chemicals each of us generates, there would never be an energy crisis and the Middle East would just be another sandy place on the globe.

Good sex is a little more complicated – a combination of attraction, talent and emotions. The first, we’ve already established is plentiful. The second, talent, is slightly harder to come by. Yet, like some slightly expensive things, with some effort, it can be discovered and earned.

But the last, emotions, that’s the tricky bit. Emotions are that vital ingredient, the salt in a receipe. I’m not really jumping metaphors since cooking is so much about chemistry too. It’s probably not more than a pinch that’s required but it has to be in the exact right measure. Emotions in balance or not can make or break every single human interaction. That complicated mix of respect, consideration and comfort….that elusive perfect garnish….there’s nothing more to be said. If you have it, consider yourself lucky. If you don’t, well, keep looking.

And finally, sex and romance and all of that may be purely chemical but well, life is a chemistry lab. So off to don our white coats! πŸ˜‰


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5 thoughts on “Just Chemistry

  1. Wow! Hadn’t seen the new template in a while. Beautiful colours. Reminds me of the Sandman books somehow.
    And of course wonderfully written and thought out. πŸ™‚

    1. @rakhi: Thanks, girl! The header reminded me Dev D’s album artwork. Sandman covers are another reference of course. All in all, very apt and I liked the clean, uncluttered look (I was getting too many complaints about the difficulty in navigating the earlier template).

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