So Karthik showed up at the Open Mic earlier this week. I was running late and we barely had a few minutes to catch up and sync up. There was a super ANNOYING couple at the table next to us talking LOUDLY during a performance and saying things like “He’s not good.” about the performers on stage. The owners politely asked them to shush up, which gave me the confidence to throw them a derisive look. The venue is an art/culture place so what kind of a douchebag philistine comes to sit there and yap at the top of his voice? Anyway, said philistine pair (shall we call them PP?) moved to the terrace, which was unfortunate because that’s where some of the performers have taken to practicing or grabbing a smoke in between performances. Karthik and I managed to steadfastly ignore them, the sweat pouring down our faces on account of Mumbai’s drawnout welcome to the monsoons and PP walking around LOUDLY between us several times. At one point, they were joined by an even louder male friend who turned to us and offered to ‘give advice and feedback about the performance’ with a wink at PP. Seriously, I hope you both get married to each other and live a suffocating, sexless, boring happily ever after. Douchey single friend can stay single and pathetic.

As it turned out, Karthik and I made it back to the stage just in time for the break. The Tuning Fork guys chipped in and offered to record our performances and asked for a sound check. Karthik got into his groove. It’s a wonder how this boy is completely oblivious to the world when it’s him and his guitar (me so lucky we met and he agreed to collaborate).

We started with Paper Dolls that we first did at TARQ back in January. It’s such an intense, artsy piece I didn’t think we’d ever have a chance to do it again, outside an art gallery.

Then the other performers returned. And we closed off with Lullaby which is totally my ohmygoddidwecreateTHAT?

These videos are as usual, the ones shot on my phone by a friend. I’ll put up the professional ones shot by the Tuning Fork folks shortly. These Monday evenings make me very, very happy.

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