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  1. idea smith,
    interesting. liked the honesty, the observation and above all the turn of phrase in this. to be frank, the term ‘beta male’ is new to me but i have known for a while that they exist and i like the distinction you make between the two. and the phrase ‘has a world bigger than himself’ – it says so much.

    on a more flippant note — reading as I did, this post after reading ‘in praise of the older woman’ i was wondering whether the ‘beta’ was the greek or the hindi in ‘beta male’

    1. @Sudarshan: Oh heavens, not that one! We’ve enough to deal with when it comes to the mama’s boy syndrome in Indian males!

  2. This may seem a little weird, but I like both. Believe it or not they are similar in a lot of ways. Alpha may be loud and boisterous, but Beta can be quiet and sneaky.. Alpha may be a “Dog” in your face, but Beta can be a “Playa” behind your back. I have brothers, tons of male cousins, and they are all different, but when you get right down to it they’re kind of all the same, only difference may be that they handle their situations/business differently…. (just a lil insight)