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  1. Ha ………couldn’t help wondering where that leaves me… A mechanical engineer by degree, s/w Engr by the work i did, A cognitive science graduate( later….(i prefer a student of the jaadhus of the mind…) ..
    I can almost grok, why the other ramya reacted the way she did…. hell i would have freaked out too….(except of course having a verbal diarrhea…i am more likely to have constipation instead..)
    Sorry for the pointless rant…

  2. @ Anurag: Mystery about a man? There is!! I’m always stumped by the fact that they manage to pass off as human beings…. *khee khee* 😉

    @ Lawyer: Umm…actually you guys were on the list too but I deleted that bit on account of lack of information. I’ve never dated a lawyer and I don’t have too many lawyer-friends (umm, only one and he’s a pumpkin-sweetie…which I assume isn’t the typical lawyer type). Care to enlighten me?

  3. Ummm, excuse me…

    But what of me and my ilk? And no stereotypes please, we’re human too!

    Seriously, I think we combine the worst aspects of most you’ve listed above.

    Hence the adage, lawyers sleep with lawyers…

  4. @ Anurag: 🙂 I’ll keep that in mind. So where DID you go, then?

    @ Ravage: Who says bloggers are techies? I am so not! I wouldn’t consider a copywriter, an artist…at least not the kind of artist I was thinking of while writing this post. So that makes you an agencywalla then?

    @ Peeyush: If I tell you, I’ll have to kill you.

  5. @Idea

    Pedigreed pup. Sheesh… Gross. Disgusting.

    Insufferrable jackasses??? Gifts to mankind??? Rich?????

    Hello. Who have you been dating?


  6. So, let’s see. I am a copywriter. Therefore, an artist. And I work in advertising, am an agency wallah. And I blog, therefore a techie.
    Sheesh! Talk about a Multi-talented wastrel.

  7. @ Anurag: Thank you for all the compliments! I many not need approval (ha…like I’ll ever admit it!) but compliments are always welcome!! I don’t like flashy men so I guess I go in for the more ‘basic’ lot. And I didn’t know accounting was a major at the IIMs.

    @ Brad: Yup, we save our sharpest claws for after its dark. MUHAHAHAHA… 😉

  8. boohoohoo…what about the professor? Or isnt it a male profession at all….and since I live near the hospital missed the docs as well as the male do find them in this country! And yeah the actor, singer, journo…Part 2 maybe?

  9. First of all, let me say that I find your writing very interesting, even though it continually spews dislike for my sort. You are funny, so keep writing (as if you needed my approval for that). 🙂

    Interesting that you find Mech/Prod engineers smarter than Electrical/Electronics/CS guys, given that these branches are higher on the list of preferences for most people.

    Therefore, the guy to stay away from for you would be an IIT CS engineer, who goes on to major in accounting from IIM, then runs his own restaurant.