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  1. Friends and lovers…friends into lovers…friends or lovers….just friends…just lovers…all could cascade into reality.At times we bed emotional control , at times its just a meandering surrogate farce.Activating control syndrome or letting it just naturally percolate into our system is a function of how honest we are with ourselves.Honesty of the subconscious variety that is……..what u say is right and what u feel is also right…not saying ur “thuts are preconceived”..not sayin “they are conditioned rationalities”…not saying “they are the only truth”..just saying its a thut which lives in today and knows not tomorrow…for thut is a fragment glistening in the sunlight and cutting a layer as darkness falls….

  2. LOL! Iyer u perv! Remember, “Aurat Maa Hoti Hai, beti hoti hai, behen hoti hai, patni hoti hai…”

    Tut! Tut!

  3. c’mon u gals….ofcourse there are guys who appreciate beaty of females…but alas! most of the time u gals would tag it with vulgarity….

    I bet u would always be much happier when a guy appreciate u than when a gal appreciate u…

  4. Exactly, what a shame. And what a shame to be a man and be able to experience a woman and never fully appreciate her beauty as another woman would.