bad boy

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  1. Shut up, you don’t know what you’re talking about!

    Are you interested in me now? 😛

    Sorry, just doing a little test. :mrgreen:
    .-= Custom Motorcycle´s last blog ..2008/2009 Winter Streetfighter Motorcycle Buildoff part 1 =-.

  2. Oh, let’s just be honest with ourselves, and no, I did not make this up. I am only speaking from what I have seen with my own eyes.

    Women like bad boys because women are bad. Women hate nice men because women are not nice.

    It’s really not much more complicated than that. I was the nice guy, except I wasn’t faking. I was a genuinely nice person. But that inevtiably led me to the category of guys who are always there for a female friend when her bad boys walk all over her, but they turn around and do it again and again, never really noticing the one who truly cares about them. Okay, maybe that somewhat rolls into what has already been said. Dating a bad boy allows the woman to be the better one in the relationship, and when it all goes south (and it will), she can simply blame him. After all, he’s the bad one, right?

    You think I made this up? Being nice never got me anywhere but used and abused, and I was quick to realize that sitting around feeling sorry for myself wouldn’t accomplish a thing, which is more than most nice guys ever realize. So, I started turning darker. I starting ignoring women, treating them like they weren’t there. I didn’t even pretend to care about their jobs, their mothers, their cats, or any of that. Of course, and I’m certainly not unique in this, women found that intriguing.

    I mean, I am not nice anymore. I am now a full-blown jerk to women, and it works. I have more women talking to me than I ever dreamed of. What’s the point of being nice? Women are not nice, don’t want nice, and wouldn’t know what to do with it. I feel no guilt. Should I? The women who walked all over me never felt any. I am not going to relegate myself to being lonely forever just because of some outdated ethics. If women out there think this is chauvanisitc or something like that, then the should blame themselves. If all they want is someone who doesn’t care about them, they shouldn’t blame me for acting like that.

    After all, we both get what we want.

  3. MFSOG!

    Why was I never a bad boy? I think that is the reason none of the girls even dreamt of being associated with my nerdy personality. I should have abused some on their face and then be liked for it 😈

    Oh and BTW, what’s the deal with all nice guys being “good friends” whom the ladies call to complain about their b/fs, but never even allow the nice guy a snuggle

  4. Oh yes. The man I always fall for. Intelligent, funny, and an absolute bastard. Sigh. So right, this post.