crying black woman resting on light background

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  1. Oh puhleezzzzz ……..not another cliche… well i guess you are creating a new one here… but..everybody cries……….. one point or another.. to quote from “kuruthi punal” everybody has a breaking point…

    That apart i do appreciate the spirit of the post.. and admire her strength…
    just don’t create new cliches that might harm… by being overused….hell it might even be used to exploit someone…

    1. @anand: Your faith in me in overwhelming but I don’t think anything I say (no matter how many of my readers agree with me) will go on to become a cliche. You’re right in that taken by itself its just a cliche but it wasn’t meant to be taken that way. It’s a title that should give you a clue about what is to follow and make you want to read it. I thought it did that well enough. ‘Nuff said.

  2. This is simply superb. I’m reading this at a state where I NEED some assurance about myself. And I guess I got it. A huge and hearty CHEERS! to the lady.

  3. LOVED it. The title, the post… the girl’s attitude.

    There’s something deeply respect-inspiring about resolve and quiet stength. Beats hysterical drama hands down any day.

    Loving what you write, blogrolling you.