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  1. Hats off, Ideasmith! An post for the ages: crisp, deep, funny yet sad… You rock.

    But Lata didi was not always a good girl. “Bindiya chamkegi”–a woman turning the tables in a conventional sexual setting (not a mujra or a cabaret).

    “Maine tujhse muhabbat ki hai, ghulami nahi ki balmaa”

  2. @ Rambler: 🙂 That said, be it ever so sexist and stereotyped, we lurrrve Bollywood!

    @ AnonEcon: It slipped my mind, thanks for the reminder. Still don’t you think that song was an exception rather than the norm for Lata tai? And err…Tin Drum?

  3. @ideasmith: I completely agree with your general point about Lata tai. Just wanted to put in a word for one of my favourite songs.

    ‘The Tin Drum’ is a novel whose protagonist can shatter glass with his voice and uses it as a weapon and as an instrument of social criticism, or commentary, or punctuation,…I’m not sure what really and that’s one of the reasons I wanted to know what you think of it.