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  1. @Ideasmithy: Yes, I am questioning the definition of infidelity. Your definition above.

    Yours has no mention of emotional infidelity – and which is more worse.

    Is a mention of physical attractiveness infidelity. It sounds a bit too simple and flaky.

  2. @ anantha: And I’m glad you’ve finally spoken up. I often wonder who is reading and why.

    @ Rachna: Oh yes, don’t I know? But one must keep trying…

    @ Brad: I’d have said ‘You’ll have to ask him that’ but since I’m not going to introduce the two of you, I guess your questions will stay unanswered.

    @ Alazyguy: Yes, I thought so too. Not that it changed anything.

  3. Just a question – how different is it from what Scarlet-O-Hara did in Gone with the wind.

    Which one cuts through all the more?

    Everyone does it. He was honest to himself and to you when he said that – that he is an animal.

    Others fake throughout their lifetime. They cheat in their minds.

  4. YES! A loud resounding YES!!!! to that.
    Unfortunately, the only person who I end up lying to is myself.
    And the only one to whom I shouldn’t.

    Yet- I loved the way you put it. And what you said- all that matters is what we tell ourselves.

    Isn’t that extremely difficult? Its so easy to dupe oneself.

  5. Been one of those über silent readers on here so far. I don’t know why I am putting this comment in now and funnily, I am not going to say much, either. Lovely blog/posts.