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  1. idea: a woman is definitely more complex than a man… both in terms of anatomy and mentally… but when you look at a woman from a man’s point of view they are pretty simple to dissect and not as complex as they turn out to be…

    but i definitely believe that two women can be the best of friends and the same two women can be the worst of enemies… and i dont know why and how

    thanks a million for linking mah post

  2. Methinks women have the ability to get out of their skins and see themselves in the third person. That probably explains the emphasis on etiquette. There is probably some relation to the fact that they (wish to) spend (more) time in front of a mirror.

    But then again let me stay clear of a generalization trap… Being a man, I have encountered women who come across as straight-forward in their expressions. Many of them are intelligent (and yes, can keep their feet and mouths apart), but I have rarely felt that I’m talking to a “front desk”, far removed from the “operations center”. I wouldn’t know if it would be different if the conversation was between women, hitherto unknown to each other. Also, one could easily fault my masculine judgment … was it really a “front desk” and I was too preoccupied to notice ?