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  1. sorry for the late comment 🙂 i really loved ur post ..its very apt to this era where women are expected to shine in their careers yet they do not get equal status as partners in a relationship.. there is no harm in being an unreasonable gal if the guy finds u unreasonable bcoz of ur desire for equal treatment in the relationship.. after all,relocating should be joint decision considering both the partners needs & desires.. but Indian society is still fixated on the idea of men having an upper hand at all such matters..though the same men wont feel ashamed in using the wifes pay for himself & also expect her to take care of family and kids in most accommodating manner..
    u have a very candid approach in writing which has always impressed me and inspired me too 🙂 please keep it up and share ur posts.. its an amazing feeling to read the write-ups of a brilliant person like urself