Security check, woman passes easy queue of men

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  1. I don’t think this is a gender Issue. Most of the times, there are no female guards, and hence, the male guards Check only the Men.
    This is a problem of violation of privacy, and Inhuman treatment, for women as well as men.

    I was struck with this thought, when I had shifted to Delhi for sometime, from Mumbai. I used to throw a fit every time I had to be Physically checked, and being Delhi, that used to be about 5 times a day. Every time I enter a Mall, use the metro, or Go for a movie, I have to be physically checked by some Guy who has no Idea what he is doing.
    Once, at Red fort, both my pant pockets were bursting forth with 2 cell phones, a camera, a water bottle & a pen Knife. The guy patted me down and let me go on ahead. I was left wondering whether he just wanted to feel me up or what…

    I was fed up of it, because you are not treated as a Human Being, just as a Human Bomb.