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  1. @ Rambler: Don’t know which one you’re referring to but that probably describes most of them.

    @ Ashwin: Errm…next time plizz to stop, observe and report back news to me. I actually like Sapna Bhavnani.

  2. but have to admit one of the worst things I have seen on TV recently has to be a music video
    I dont know the singer, it goes by the catchy line Hip Hopper, I really pity the poor tasted director, and model who plays the maid whose work made her do this

  3. @ Rambler: That’s a good point! Whatever would XXFactor do without you? You’re the solitary male voice of reason here!!

    @ Ashwin: *Gasp* Was Sapna’s ad that bad as well?

  4. I have not seen that ad, but I think there are so many sexist ads for the other gender as well, for instance Hair loss ads. so why is that only males need treatment. or Have you seen any of the condom ad, the pleasure is always for the male ..