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  1. Inheritance of relationships so much depends on the person whom you are inheriting these relations from and his/her expectations, The fact that a person is a close friend/relative of my partner shouldn’t mean my partner expects me to be as close to them right?, I am sure it becomes tricky when the equations are extreme on either ends, however in-between must be fine.
    Again I am a little businessman when it comes to situations like this, Its more like a barter, I don’t worry about your inheritance of my relationships, so please don’t take my inheritance too seriously.

    “Then there is the manifold nature of friendships. Same-sex friendships are close in a way the opposite sex can never quite fathom.”

    Considering how we hate generalizing things, Unfortunately I don’t agree with the above statement, I agree there are some limitations when it comes to opposite sex friendship, but then it also adds a great angle which same sex friendships can never provide.

    1. @Rambler: Your comment surprised me. The boy has a similar attitude but he’s rather unlike you (or what I think you’re like). You seemed to me to be a more perceptive, new-age, sensitive man (and I still think you are). Perhaps it’s just a difference in the way each gender looks at friendship? My female friends, nature irrespective all seem to see things my way but the men would probably agree with you (and the boy’s) perspective. I can’t imagine being so chilled out or blase about people who matter – either to me or to my partner. But he seems able to detach himself from my world and people who matter to me.

      I didn’t mean to say that same sex friendships are closer than opposite sex ones. I said they are close in a way the other cannot fathom. It works both ways. I don’t think a female friend would truly understand the nature of my close friendship with a guy (unless she had an identical one in her life as well). Similarly I don’t think men truly understand women’s friendships and vice versa.

      1. Interesting tone in your reply “But he seems able to detach himself from my world and people who matter to me.”, is this more out of expectation, rather than observation?. May be women compartmentalize people into those who can detach, and those cannot. If a person can detach from people who are so close to me, if need arises he can do the same with me too?
        “Understanding the nature of a friendship” is a topic for a long night of fun discussion [ I am so tempted to use ‘argument’ and not ‘discussion’

  2. @Pushpee:
    I don’t think it’s that easy… for us to be what we are. Somewhere people do expect us to be good enough (as per their ‘taste’) for them to like us. And we fall in trap in order to maintain the main relationship.

    Nice write-up Smithy. Keep writing. 🙂

  3. Dealing with the inheritance of people just makes life a helluva lot more complex. True ..but if we continue to be ourself and let the person accept us as we are is much more easy then being the person what the new set of people expect us to be..

    Nice write-up Smith….waiting for more on thought: relationships….