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  1. This sure was a wonderful piece of humour although you might not have meant it to be. Ha, warding off marriage proposals. I’ve been doing that for the past 3 years and now my mom has decided that giving me the silent treatment may work. We can have an arrangement though to keep both parents happy :D! Kidding!
    But of all what you’ve said, its so much prevalent in other states too. I never stayed or grew up in Bengal so many a times I find some of the things they do so ridiculous. But at the end of it all, its our roots which do give us an identity. What we should continue doing is assimilating others too, like u’ve done staying in Mumbai. & ofcourse, food is never to be missed 🙂

  2. @ ‘nonnymus: What’s this…the ‘playing hard-to-get’ on the blogsphere game? Plizz to comment as often and as freely as you like…in case you haven’t guessed, bloggers lurrrrrve comments! Also, I didn’t grow up in Delhi (NOOOOO!!!!!), I was only born there and immediately whisked off to Mumbai (thank goodness!). Yup, the stereotypes sure are funny when seen in that light, it’s when they become de rigeur for life that its painful.

  3. Lol… Ok… I’ve gone on a reading binge it looks like.. and a commenting binge too!!
    To b honest, seeing the number of my consecutive comments, I refrained myself from commenting again too soon… but what the heck.
    Funny aint it? You grew up in Delhi and I grew up in Chennai!! And I damned love it(Chennai I mean)… cant stop laughing at ‘typicalism’.. It sounds kind o incredulous dosent it?? Civilization itself? When we see how rigid, dogmatic and conventional humans can be?