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  1. o! how i wish i could have definite relationships. with a proper start and end point. but sadly, i linger on them a little too much…

    ” It is the point where I don’t need the person anymore. If I’m still missing them, then it is the period where I have to start getting over the emotions felt for and shared with them. ”

    relationships are never the same. and if they remain the same, it is a compromise. i respect people who know and help a relationship reach a meaningful end…

    1. @Aham: I guess it comes with maturity. Sadly there are too many people who care more for the impression they make than what relationships (and other people) need.

  2. I had an experience like your friend couple of weeks back and wrote about it. I don’t think I can re-work an old, dead romantic one (I have re-worked friendships) but with a new relationship, a new person I am always so very optimistic that at times I land on the wrong side of the bay!

  3. its a borrowed life, borrowed relationships. whetever happened to happily ever afters?? maybe it has something to do with the freedom of speech granted to women.

  4. Hi! Your mail is on a subject that one would find hard to stomach without voicing an opinion.. so here goes mine 🙂 I think your writing was excellent, but I disagree with your point on not keeping in touch. It works for exes, but friends and acquaintances, no it doesn’t! Also with a relationship ‘that was not meant to be’.. no relationship is meant-to-be unless the partners work hard towards creating it. A relationship, IMHO, falls apart only when one of the two partners values something(maybe independence)/someone (else) over the existing partner, or finds the existing partners’ habits impossible. So nothing ‘happens’, we ‘make’ it happen. …phew!

  5. @ Dev: Hi Dev, thank you for speaking up. I’m guessing you disagreed with my earlier ‘male-bashing’ posts. Hereforth I plan to write more realistically and less cathartically. That means a more balanced point of view….hope that won’t be too boring. And I hope I’ll hear your thoughts on the posts again!

  6. Hey, I have been a regular reader for quite some time, and I have often disagreed with you, so haven’t commented so far.
    But this post has been different. I completely agree with you.
    I know that ‘mix of laziness and complacent arrogance’ you talk of.
    Thanks for writing about this so lucidly.