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  1. I am not really sure what possessed you to start a blog of this capacity, but Kudos to you for it. I could never be that brazen. But I suppose of it has to be said, why be silent you know? Good Job!

  2. Conversation i had with one of lady friend(sort of serial dater) over last weekend:

    Me: So, how many guys you are dating now?

    She: Naaah…Guys are boring, always trying to impress & in the process making ass out of themselves! So i ditched them all…Life is good now!

    Me:Yeah…”Guys are Boring & Girls are Betraying”…

    What say?? Any conclusions???

  3. Cant resist the temptation to shoot some wild guesses at the why or the how or the what

    Guy 1 (*if i tell her the truth, she wont like it*) : I don’t have a girlfriend

    Guy 2 (*if i tell her the truth, she wont sleep with me*) : I love you

    Girl 1 (*He might think i want to marry him*) : I am not looking for commitment.

    Girl 2 (*He might want to have sex with me now*) : I don’t love you.

  4. @ Mishi: Amen to that. Except I have an issue with people who make emotion into a performance art. That’s the sort I want to slap real hard.

  5. It seems guys and gals lie for the same reasons- to hide wat they think is their weakness…..
    I dont understand why ppl think being emotional is being weak- I am happy to say i am emotional and therefore a strong person