Salsa With A Stranger

Couples floated across the dance floor, flowing over each other.

Someone said,

“Up close with a stranger. You sure?”

She said,

“I want to learn.”

He smiled.

They were the last couple on the floor. Melting into each other. Then the music stopped. She walked off the floor, leaving him standing.

The lesson was over.

9 thoughts on “Salsa With A Stranger

  1. Sudipta: Thank you! I hope this blog continues to live up to that image.

    ‘Someone’ represents the conflict she faces in her own head, which is resolved at the end of the story.

  2. Illyria: Yipppeee…you’re back! I was checking my mailbox frantically for the promised mail but there wasn’t any! Unfortunately I still can’t access your link.

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